Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Restaurant Week: Johnny's Italian Steakhouse

On the same day as my Restaurant Week lunch at The Bayou with brother Teej, I had a 6:00 dinner reservation for four at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse in Greenway Station.


This was another restaurant participating in Restaurant Week, offering the following $30 dinner menu:

The Prof had warned us ahead of time that the lighting was dim, and it was.  The restaurant calls this "ambiance".  I could read my menu alright, but I guess that's thanks to my young eyes.  Others with us had difficulty reading the menu, so beware.


For my appetizer I went with the crab cake, since I've never eaten one before.  Most of the seafood I've eaten in my life has been consumed during the two years I lived in Spain, and a crab cake was never one of them.

Johnny's Italian Steakhouse: Jumbo lump crab cake

I didn't think it was necessarily fit the description "jumbo," but it sure was delicious.


For my entree I debated between the chicken and the angel hair pasta right up until the waitress was taking my order.  The word "chicken" came out of my mouth, but I would have liked to try the pasta too.  The chicken and mashed potatoes were excellent as well, but please forgive the picture.

Chicken piccata
Johnny's Italian Steakhouse: Chicken Piccata

Since the restaurant was so dark, taking pictures with flash drew lots of attention.  I tried to take pictures of my entree with no flash, and the poor quality is evident above.


For dessert I had the warm chocolate cake.  It was the "warm" that did me in, though the cake wasn't all that warm when it arrived.  Then again it was served with ice cream, so maybe that's why.  The ice cream was cinnamon flavored, which complimented the cake really well.  I don't think I've ever had cinnamon ice cream before.

I was very pleased with my Restaurant Week dinner at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse.  I only have good things to say about the food, and the service was great.  Now we might even do an event for work here later this spring.
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