Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hey world! Look at me, I'm helpful!

About a month ago I purchased a couple hundred mugs from a company for work.  Said company was great to do business with, and last week they sent me an email asking me to fill out a short survey about my experience.  The survey was indeed short, so I took it since I wanted them to have positive feedback.

And to thank me for taking their survey, they mailed me this reusable bag:

I'm helpful bag
Look at me! I'm so helpful!

I think it's kind of funny actually; it's definitely not my first choice of words to have on a shopping bag.  But I went straight to the grocery store from work last night, so I brought the bag with me.  The woman working at the checkout made a comment about it and thought it was great -- because I am being helpful by bringing my own bag.  I explained that I was actually helpful for having taken this survey for this company... but anyway I'm curious to ask others:

If you saw someone with the above bag, what would you think?  Would you make any quick judgments about the person?
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  1. I would actually think the bag itself is saying "I'm helpful" to the environment by preventing use of more plastic bags. It's actually quite cute!

    1. Thanks - I'm sure glad that it's blue!

  2. It looks kinda pretentious. It's like walking around with a bag that says "I'm intelligent!", or "I'm smart!". I feel like the bag should also explain the statement.

    1. That was my initial reaction to the bag, which is why I'm a bit wary of carrying it around in public.