Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Camp I-Wanna-Huck-It

This past weekend I attended Camp I-Wanna-Huck-It in Illinois, put on by Midwest Ultimate and Ultimate Chicago.  Picture summer camp for adults, with an emphasis on ultimate frisbee.

I got a ride down with Izzy and two of her friends.  Here she is loading up the car on Friday afternoon:

We stopped at a grocery store about 15 minutes from the camp to pick up some grill-ables and snacks for dinner.  Here's a picture of the cabin we slept in!  There were bunk beds and mattresses; we all brought sleeping bags and pillows.

After grilling by the camp fire (and later making smores), we headed to the dance floor.  We opened the dance floor and kept it grooving, dancing hard.  It was chilly that night, but throughout our time dancing I think I progressively took off 3-4 layers (down to a t-shirt) since I was working up a sweat.  Super fun night!  

The next morning we were served breakfast in the dining hall (this is a 4-H camp we stayed at), then started playing ultimate.  Other than the one night of indoor I went to in the winter, this was the first time I'd played co-ed ultimate since Spain.  Say whaa?!

I really enjoyed playing ultimate at this camp though, because it was so low key - like pickup.  Levels on each team were varied, from people who had never played organized ultimate before, to really really good players.  Our coaches had amazing attitudes, and just wanted everyone to have fun.  Tournaments are great, but I don't enjoy the nervousness/stress/competitiveness of trying to help your team win.  So camp was perfect.

There were actually a few post-game games here, like in Spain.  Ninjas was played, but with tube swords:

After the first two games on Saturday (the only official games that day), a camp picture was taken of all four teams:

That afternoon there were numerous camp activities planned.  Frolfing, goaltimate, ultimate archery, etc.  I tried out wickets, but wasn't very good at it.  It's kind of like bags, except with discs and knocking off cups.  You get one point for knocking off a cup.  If the disc goes in the middle of the two wickets without hitting either one, you get two points.  If you knock off a cup but the opponent catches it (with one hand, not pushing it against their body), they get a point - not you.

Izzy, prepared to catch one of our cups in wickets

I gave up after my first game of wickets and explored the nearby creek.  It was really nice to be surrounded by so much green.

This man/horse was also seen throughout the weekend:

I went climbing along the river's shore with one of Izzy's friends, as far as we could go.

Then we had a Christian band album cover photo shoot, a tradition started by Izzy and her friends last year at camp:

Photo by: James Kersten

Then we went back to Wickets.  Oh! And this one girl at camp had magical powers:

That evening after dinner we stayed in the dining hall for a good while, and I played Cards Against Humanity for the first time!  Later I went out to the fire, where it was warm.  Made another smore.  Eventually we left the warm, cozy fire to venture to the dance floor, but the music wasn't as hopping as it was on Friday night.  We headed to bed around midnight, leaving many people still partying at the dance floor or by the fire.  This is clearly not a Spanish camp.

Our team was feeling very lazy on Sunday.  We'd have our half times lying on the ground in a circle, and our cheers from down on the ground as well.  We even started the first point of the game with everyone lying on their stomachs on the endzone, waiting for the pull.  Naturally, this is what our team picture looked like:

Team Wolves: Camp Wanna Huck It 2013
We do not want to stand up
We were actually undefeated this weekend, winning all four games!  Campeones!  We got some awesome prizes and shwag at the awards ceremony on Sunday.  Izzy won best spirit on our team, and got a free hat.  See what she has to say about camp:

Enough said.  You know what to sign up for next spring.
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  1. Great magic-powers capture! Also, Cards Against Humanity is good stuff.

    1. Thanks -- I have a few more pictures like that, maybe they'll make it to facebook some day. Yeah, Cards Against Humanity is fun. I never really liked playing Apples to Apples all that much to begin with, but I'll never play it again now that CAH exists.

  2. oh man, this looks like it was tons of fun! And the horse-man thing is pretty great. Summery, camp-y attitudes are the best! What a great way to start off the season :)