Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Olympic Day at junior sailing

It's a tradition with Hannah's summer junior sailing program to always have an Olympic Day.  The different groups each pick a country to represent (or in one team's case, a state -- Hawaii).  They wear costumes and decorate their boats, walk in a parade around the club, and then compete in various competitions throughout the morning.  They bring along foods to represent their chosen country, which turns into a big potluck for lunch.  In the afternoon they have some races out on the water.  All of the elements are scored, and the team with the highest score wins.

I guess the coaches have a history of wearing white long-sleeve button down shirts with ties.

Costume/boat/bribe judging

One of the scoring categories is actually "bribes"; the kids get points for bringing bribes to the instructors.  Here's just one of the bribes that Hannah received, filled with cookies, chocolates, and other sweets:

And here are a few of the teams in front of their boats with costumes.





Check out one of Japan's bribes: sushi made of rice krispy treats and fruit roll ups! Creative! (They brought real sushi for lunch...)

After the boat/costume/bribe judging, the kids paraded around the club to show off their costumes and their sailing pride.

Morning games

The first game was the obstacle course, which included the obstacles pictured below:

I can't believe more kids didn't get injured, to tell you the truth.  I helped Hannah count the kids' spins (bottom right) in one of the last obstacles.  They had to spin around 15 times before finishing the race.

Next up, bobbing for apples... out of a sailboat, claro!

And then limbo:

Followed by dolly races, two teams of two competing against each other per race.

The classic tug of war:

And last but not least, some weird game with a watermelon covered in slippery lard, thrown into the lake. The teams had to try to hold on to the watermelon in the water for as long as they could.

Here's one of the instructors with the day's score board to keep track of points.


Hannah and I ate at home for lunch, since we weren't sure if there would be enough food for all of the kids, but here's what the different countries brought:

Afternoon sailing

After lunch all of the junior sailors had some races out on the lake.

There wasn't time for the awards ceremony that afternoon, but on Wednesday it was announced that the first place winner  was...

... Japan!  (Hannah's kids)
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