Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday afternoon in Bundang

Not only did I find a Korean textbook -- what I was looking for when I went to Bundang yesterday, but being out in a new "district" was refreshing in and of itself.  My eyes happened upon many delights:

Inside of AK Plaza there were many drawings/paintings on display.

This art was so impressive!  I took photos of many works:

Outside the plaza there was some sort of Green Market going on.  This boy pictured below was pedaling the bike in order to power that blender on the table to make his drink.

On my way back to the bus stop after my trip to Kyoro Books, I saw this cute little girl who kept running over the air vents outside so her dress would blow up.  She was wearing white leggings/tights so her mom let her go at it for a while; it was so funny and too cute!

Some band had set up outside the plaza and was playing as I headed out.  I stopped and listened to a song (while watching the little girl pictured above).

And finally, there was a guy on stilts blowing balloons for kids out in the square too.

It was a good Sunday outing, and now I know Bundang is a good place to go exploring on the weekends when I don't want to make the longer trip into Seoul.
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