Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Missent to Malaysia

My mom sends all of us four kids a letter every week, and has done so for many years now.  After moving to South Korea in September, her letters now take between 2-3 weeks to arrive.  So, it takes some time, but they still get here.

Except for one.  

There was a letter from mid-September that never arrived...

...until today.  It left Wisconsin on September 18.  The delay was explained by this stamp on my letter:

Missent to Malaysia stamp

"Missent to Malaysia".  Aha!  That'll do it.

I never even knew such a stamp existed, so it got me thinking and now I have plenty of questions: Where exactly was the envelope stamped? In Malaysia, by a Malaysian postal worker?  Was the mistake caught right when it got off the plane for the  initial sort?  Does every country have a "Missent to ___" stamp in English?  Was the letter then grouped with mail from Malaysia headed to South Korea, and needed to be sent on Malaysia's dime?

I've sent lots of international mail since I first left the states in 2009, but I've never thought about the nitty gritty details of its journey.  And now I want to know!

Thoughts from the peanut gallery?  Any postal workers lurking out there that want to share some inside information?  I'm off to do some googling.
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