Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 Korean Christmas stamps

[As a part of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), I'm posting here once a day during November.  Today is Day 25. ]

I went to bed really early last night, a little after 8pm, and still got up around my normal 7:30am today!

At school my co-teacher showed me a picture of some Korean stamps in a document that had been sent out by someone on the school's messenger program.  She said every year around this time, special Christmas stamps are sold in Korea.  The money goes towards the prevention/treatment of tuberculosis.

She explained to me what the picture was in each stamp.  I also understood from her that since this year is the 60th anniversary of these stamps, all of the pictures were past stamps.  The original year is written on each of the stamps in this set.
Very neat, especially since I'm a snail mailer.  My co-teacher said these stamps were cheap too, only W 3,000 (less than $3 USD) for all 10.  So if I want a set, let her know and she'll get them from the nurse's office.  Oh wait, what? We have those here in school??  Ah, okay, so that's what the message must have been about.

I said sure, I would buy a set. And no sooner than one period later, I have my own set of these stamps in my hands (pictured above)!  I actually got them for myself as a Korean keepsake, not to use on letters.  It's not the right amount of postage for sending things overseas in the first place, and I'd just rather keep these colorful Korean stamps all to myself.  (Fun fact: These stamps must be glued on.  Well, I'm not sure if you can lick them too or not, but the main point is that they're not like stickers.)

I'm so thankful that my co-teacher takes the time to tell me about these small school happenings.  The messages and documents are always written in Korean (obviously), so if no one tells me the news/event, I don't know about it.  Thanks to her, I now have a very fitting memento of my Korean year!
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