Friday, November 8, 2013

Korean convenience store finds: Off-brand oreo

[As a part of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), I'm posting here once a day during November.  Today is Day 8.]

Right next to the small tube of Oreos in my 7-eleven are these off-brand (Orion) "Cocoa cookies & cream".  I stopped buying Oreos when I first moved to Spain in '09.  They're so processed, and definitely not good for my poor stomach lining.  So it only makes sense that I felt like eating some here in Korea, and then went for the off-brand to save a few cents won.  (That's sarcasm, it makes no sense at all. Oh Korea, why have your convenience stores stolen my willpower?!)

Anyway, the cookies are in a plastic wrapper inside the box.  They don't taste exactly like Oreos, but the difference doesn't make them any less tasty.  They satisfy the chocolate craving.
The small serving is nice too; any more and it could be dangerous.

Price: W 1,000 
Rating: 4/5
Would I buy them again?  Yes, and I do!
• • •


  1. Mmmm now I want Oreos. I would settle for Orions.

    1. Maybe Santa will bring you some Orions this Christmas ;)
      Oh wait, was that too early? Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet - whoops.