Friday, November 1, 2013

Resolutions Checkpoint: October

Greetings, November!  Second to last resolution check-in of the year! (Original 2013 resolutions can be found here).

--October Focus--

In October I chose to focus on three things: probiotics, reading, and exercise.  I "performed" better than in September in two of these categories, but I feel like I only deserve a gold star in reading.  

I'll start with the low: exercise.  Due to holidays and school events, the only time I went to badminton was this past Wednesday - the last Wednesday of the month.  That means I was doing other types of exercise during the week, right?  Uhhh, I did go for I think only two runs during the rest of the month.  And I recall one day randomly doing push-ups.

The improvement: probiotics.  I left the wrappers out on my kitchen counter all month as a visual reminder to drink a glass.  I have nine wrappers on the counter, and may have accidentally thrown a few more away.  That's about once every three days, which is more than I had in September.

And my gold star: reading.  At the beginning of October I started to stop and read at a park on my way home from school while the weather was still warm.  I spent the rest of the month reading about North Korea in Victor Cha's The Impossible State.  The book is lengthy, and I spent lots of time reading in order to finish it in October.

--Overall Progress--

So here we go, my current progress on all remaining resolutions:

  • (+) Read 32 books -- I've read 26 books of 32, which means I'm still on track (according to Goodreads).  Books read in October include Paulo Coelho's The Pilgrimage and Victor D. Cha's The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future.
  • (-) Five of the 32 will be in Spanish -- I have read 1 / 5 books in Spanish. (Hermanos monigotes II)
  • (+) Five of the 32 will be books that I own in my apartment
  • (-) Two of the 32 books will be in French -- I should just delete this now because it's not happening!
  • (+) Take probiotics every day -- I had more than a handful in October, nearly one every three days.

  • (+) Write in journal every day -- I wrote 17 of 31 days in October.  
  • (+) Only log in to facebook 1x/day maximum -- I did not download the facebook app on my iPhone, and I don't go on Facebook at school, so it's usually just once in the evening or somedays morning and evening.
  • (+) Focus on gratitude

  • (-) Do something physical at least two days a week -- See "October Focus" results above.


  • (+) Learn Hangul (Korean alphabet) 
  • (  ) Learn food/restaurant vocabulary (priorities!)
  • (-) Learn Korean numbers 1 - 99 -- I can count 1 to 19! I haven't taken the time to learn the words for 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, or 90 yet... because that's a lot of new words that I wouldn't use very frequently (Money uses the sino-Korean numbers, not Korean)!
  • (+) Learn Sino-Korean numbers 1 - 100 -- Much improvement with this set of numbers.  Granted, it's a lot easier to count in sino-Korean because the word for twenty is "two ten", thirty is "three ten", etc.  So you really only need to know ten numbers (plus the number for 100, so 11 numbers).  I can't count as fast as this girl can, though.

I've added a new goal for November:
  • (  ) Plan a trip for break in January.


--November Focus--

Since three were too many last month, in November I will focus on probiotics and exercise.  As it gets colder, I know I'll be less likely to go outside.  Yoga and push-ups would be good to start up.  And I'll start a fresh pile of probiotic wrappers on my counter for November.  I think I'll save October's though, so I can compare month to month.  I'm back in my normal reading habits, so no need to put any emphasis on that this month.

There are only two months left in 2013!  I'm already thinking about 2014 resolutions and how I'll set them up differently.  Is anyone else still working on 2013 resolutions? Or thinking about 2014?
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