Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First snow sighting

[As a part of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), I'm posting here once a day during November.  Today is Day 27. ]

When I left my apartment this morning, my eyes had a lovely surprise:

I still seem to always get my finger in photos when I use my iPhone! Sorry!
This is just outside my apartment building.

This is on my walk to school

Again, on my way to school

My new office at school was much warmer today with the heat on, and a space heater.  My feet were still quite cold though, now that the space heater is propped up on a table instead of on the floor.  So I need to get a pair of warm slippers and some more thick socks...

Badminton was cancelled today because the roads were quite icy this afternoon.  It had snowed some more during the afternoon, but the snow didn't accumulate -- most melted/froze on the roads, hence the bad driving conditions.

And tonight I've spent a larger portion of my evening looking at flights... and I bought one to Bangkok, Thailand in January!  Booked a hostel too!  Ah, I cannot wait for winter break.  Yes, I'll be at school every day, (with no students to teach when the 2-week camp isn't in session), but I won't have constant pressures of lesson planning!

But until then, there's more planning to be done.
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