Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sookmyung Saturday #9: Fuzzy socks and mobile touch gloves

Today was a rainy Saturday, and I was still sick with a cold when I got up.  I didn't catch a bus for Seoul until just before 1pm, which should have gotten me to my 3pm class on time.  However, my bus that's normally an hour and a half took a little over two hours to get to the city.  Then I had to take the metro one stop and walk up to the university for class.  So I was about 20 minutes late.

We have a different teacher this time, and it felt better to start on the first day of the course.  While leaving the university after class, I noticed the trees were much more colorful here than the last time I'd seen them.

Four of us went to dinner at our kimbap place afterwards:

And then Anne and I hit up Lotte Mart before I caught my bus home.  Purchases included some gloves (with mobile touch fingers, of course, because this is Korea), some warm socks, and a sewing kit.

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