Sunday, December 1, 2013

Resolutions Checkpoint: November

Oh my goodness, who else can't believe that December is here?  This will be my last resolutions checkpoint of 2013 (Original 2013 resolutions can be found here).

--November Focus--

In November I decided to focus on taking my probiotics and exercising.  I had probiotics 15 days of 30 in December!  That's the same as one every-other day, and I'm pleased with that frequency!  I did hang my wrappers up on a wall in the kitchen as a visual reminder, and I've already started a new pile on the counter for December with one wrapper!

Exercising more did not happen.  I think I only went to badminton one or two Wednesdays this month -- the other weeks it was either cancelled or I skipped to work on lesson plans / blogging.  I blame the cold weather.

--Overall Progress--

So here we go, my current progress on all remaining resolutions:

  • (+) Read 32 books -- I've read 29 books of 32, which means I'm still on track (according to Goodreads).  Books read in November include Barbara Demick's Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, Chris Guillebeau's The $100 Startup, and Antonio Orejudo's Ventajas de viajar en tren.  I just need to read three during December to reach my goal!
  • (-) Five of the 32 will be in Spanish -- I have read 2 / 5 books in Spanish. (Hermanos monigotes II and Ventajas de viajar en tren)
  • (+) Five of the 32 will be books that I own in my apartment
  • (+) Take probiotics every day -- I had 15 in November, that's 5 more than October!

  • (+) Write in journal every day -- I wrote 17 of 30 days in November.  
  • (+) Only log in to Facebook 1x/day maximum -- I don't have Facebook on my phone, and I don't go on Facebook at school.  So it's usually just once in the evening or somedays morning and evening.
  • (+) Focus on gratitude

  • (-) Do something physical at least two days a week - Already talked about this in my November focus.

  • (+) Learn Hangul (Korean alphabet) 
  • (  ) Learn food/restaurant vocabulary (nope, not yet!)
  • (-) Learn Korean numbers 1 - 99 -- Same as last checkpoint... haven't made these numbers a priority. Now that I have a weekly language exchange, I'm working on phrases from that book instead.
  • (+) Learn Sino-Korean numbers 1 - 100 -- I'm the same as last checkpoint I'd say -- still can't count this smoothly, but didn't work on it this month either!
I added a new goal for November:
  • (+) Plan a trip for break in January. -- I bought a plane ticket to Bangkok, Thailand a few nights ago!  I booked a hostel too. So excited!

  • (-) Blog once a month on Oh No She Madridn't -- I did not get any Madrid posts written in November, though I have ideas for two.  Maybe I can get both up in December, but minimally I will write one!
  • (+) Comment on at least two blogs a week 

--December Focus--

In December I want to focus on less computer time in the evenings.  I'm hoping this will help me do more reading, exercising, and Korean studying.  Though I feel most of my internet time is actually spent searching for lesson/camp activity ideas or blogging, there's definitely some time wasted that I can could spend more wisely.

Alright, 2014 is just a month away.  Will you make any resolutions come January 1?
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  1. Girl, you have focus. Incredible.

    And honestly, I speak a decent amount of Korean but I still don't know the numbers very well... focusing on phrases will be much more productive and actually interesting. Don't worry about that too much!

    1. Thanks for the reassurance -- yeah, my 2014 Korean goals will definitely focus more on useful phrases rather than all of the basics. (And my resolutions will be fewer... I always overdo it!)