Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 1/9/14

[Thankful Thursday is a weekly segment that began 1/10/13 - read why here.  I invite you to join me in practicing gratitude!]

Yesterday while leaving school I saw three students of mine (4th grade boys) walking past with a small dog.  We said hello, and then I asked if I could pet the dog.  My personal preference is for bigger dogs, but that was the first dog I've had the chance to greet since arriving in September.  And it was so incredibly soft!

I told the boy his dog was very "cute," a word he would understand.  I could have stayed, squatting, petting that dog all afternoon!  But the boys were obviously on their way somewhere, and who wants to be around their English teacher on winter break?  So it was a brief encounter, but those 20-seconds really brightened my day.  I'm thankful that our paths crossed, and that the boys were nice enough to stop and say hello.  And especially thankful they were accompanied by the dog!
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