Monday, January 20, 2014

Words from a younger me

While working on my health history post for the new health blog JJ and I are making, I looked back at some of my older blogs to see if I had written anything of use -- I had!  And I'm so thankful that my past self took the time to document what was happening with my health.

I have been blogging since 2005, so there's a lot out there. It's just not out there for the public. While looking in one of my more recent blogs, from 2009-11, I found some good advice.

So I'm going to start republishing some posts here, written by a younger me.  The first is about taking risks/chances, written when I had just been greatly rewarded for doing so myself.

And tomorrow I'm off to Thailand for some sun and heat. I am so excited for the weather and food, I don't care what I'm doing there.  I'll be back on February 1.  Until then, have the happiest of birthdays JJ and Chad!
• • •


  1. Oh man, Thailand is lovely! Just be careful of the scammers in Bangkok (it gets soooo tiring), but everywhere else is much easier!

    1. Thanks! I was in Bangkok the whole time -- the tuk tuks' "Hello, where you going?" got a little old, but I just laughed it off and tried to think of funny responses (i.e. "the moon", "USA", etc.). Had a wonderful vacation!