Thursday, February 27, 2014

Busan: Railway stroll and an aggressive dog

After hiking from about 11:00 - 15:30 last Sunday in Busan, I actually decided to walk back towards Haeundae instead of taking the metro. It was my last day in the city, so I wanted to be near the coast again and soak it in.

Dalmaji Road, Busan Korea
Dalmaji Road, Busan
Off of Dalmaji Road, there were stairs leading down towards the railroad tracks along the coast. Many people were walking along the tracks, so I thought that would be a nice way to enjoy this last sunset.

I walked down the long staircase, as a Korean family with two little girls passed me going up, back to Dalmaji Road. Then near the bottom I turned, just had to walk down one last smaller set of stairs, turn the corner, and I would be at the railroad tracks.

There was a bigger Korean woman sitting to the side on one of these steps, and her dirty little white dog was walking around, dragging behind a short rope that was tied to his collar.

As I started down the stairs, the little dog approached me, but I'm not afraid of dogs so I just kept walking normally. And then he let out a bark and nipped me in the leg. It was only a pinch, barely felt it, but it caught me off guard since dogs haven't tried to bite me before. He kept barking and ran up again. This time he really bit me. Holy cow that hurt!

The lady was saying something to her dog as it barked and attacked me, but she stayed seated so for all I know she could have been telling it "Good boy".  I moved quicker now, reaching the bottom of the steps and I turned the corner as I heard the dog barking after me. But I lost him.  Man, my leg hurt a lot more than I thought it would - especially considering the fact that I was wearing leggings under jeans.

Before starting on the railroad tracks, I pushed up my jeans and leggings to take a look at where I could feel the bite. Yup, sure enough, I could see a light pink half-circle from the dog's teeth.  No blood or anything, it really wasn't bad and the pain wasn't an issue. I was more pissed at the dog for having bit me, and at that woman for letting her dog bite me and not trying to grab its rope. It was also frustrating that I couldn't have said anything while it happened ("Oh my gosh, your dog just bit me, lady!"), due to the language barrier. So I had kept silent the whole time the dog barked and nipped at me.

Here's what it looked like the next day, some nice bruising going on:

It has since mellowed out to a nice yellow bruise.

So with my freshly bitten leg, I arrived at the railroad tracks for a stroll along the coast.

Then I walked to Haeundae Beach and sat for a while, watching some parents fly their kids' kites for them.

It was early (the clock had just struck 5, I think), but I was hungry and utterly exhausted. I picked up kebap to bring back with me to the hostel (I needed a break from Korean food - it's been a while), and stayed in the rest of the night.

On Monday morning I had breakfast, packed up, checked out, and off I went. To the metro, to the train station, KTX to Seoul, and then caught a bus back to my town. I got home around 6 that evening.

In the KTX train, leaving Busan headed to Seoul

There is so much more to do and see in Busan; the two full days I spent there felt especially short, but I'm glad I was able to visit for any amount of time.
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