Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Open house

Today was our school's "Open House" for parents in the afternoon.  All of the teachers were very dressed up today; all of the male teachers were in suits.  I'd seen a message on the school's Messenger program about dressing up and my co-teacher had mentioned that parents would be coming in the afternoon, so although nobody specifically told me to, I made sure to look decent today.  I was worried that I'd get dragged into giving an impromptu speech in front of all the parents like what happened last fall during my second week in the country.  Luckily I was spared from any such fate.

The only change for me was that I had to go to my second grade daycare class's room in the afternoon instead of them coming up to the English room (Which, by the way, we got to use today for the first time this school year!  It's so great to have our own classroom once again!).

My co-teacher said it was a very busy day for the other teachers.  A new first grade teacher kept coming into our office during the open house presentation to take a breather.  He was very nervous about meeting with all of the mothers who had come to his class for the open house.  I was so thankful to have no reason to be nervous.

New Schedule

Last fall I posted my schedule here, so I wanted to compare and give you a visual of what I'm working with this school year:

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 (9:00-9:40)
6-                3-2                   4-1                   5-                
2 (9:50-10:30) 6-                     6-                3-1                   4-2                   5-                
3 (10:40-11:20) 6-                     6-                3-3                   4-3                   5-                
4 (11:30-12:10) 6-                     6-               
4-4                   5-                
------------------ --------------  -- Lunch -- ------------------ --------------
5 (1:00-1:40) 6-                    

6 (1:50-2:30)

After SchoolDaycare 2-2

(2:30 - 3:10)
Daycare 2-2
(2:20 - 3:00)
Daycare 1-2
After School Daycare 1-1
(3:40 - 4:20)
Daycare 2-2

(3:10 - 3:50)
Daycare 2-2

My days still start at 8:30 and end at 4:30, just like last school year.  Yellow classes are co-taught with YJ and blue classes are co-taught with my new co-teacher, YH.

I teach the daycare classes on my own, usually with their Korean teacher sitting in the back working on something or other. (But that means absolutely nothing for my second graders; they are pure chaos even with their Korean teacher in the room.  She was there when both fights broke out last Friday in class, remember?).

Twenty-five classes a week, so that's 3 over the 22 limit that I'll get paid a little extra for.  It comes out to 10 lessons to plan for each week, which is actually manageable right now - a huge change from last semester when I was constantly taking work home.  This is due to my new co-teachers' styles of teaching, experience gained last school year, and not having that 5th/6th Special Class after school.
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