Monday, April 7, 2014

The week in review: 3/31/14 - 4/4/14

After sharing every detail of my life two weeks ago during the Badger Blogging Blitz, it felt strange not to tell anyone what was going on each day last week. I also want to make an effort to remember each day, since it's easy for them to all mesh together. So here's a much abbreviated version of the past week, with just a few sentences highlighting each day's events:

Monday 3/31
A sixth grader puked during our after-lunch fifth period class. All over his desk, book, pencil case, and floor. It was pink and smelled the worst - even with all of the windows open it was hard to breathe.

Tuesday 4/1
Holly, the first grade native-English speaker, happened to be behind me at the next table during lunch. I stayed back when the other teachers left and chatted with her while eating my banana. It was so wonderful to converse with her, able to share our woes of "I don't know what they're saying either" with each other.

Wednesday 4/2
I found out after prepping and going to class that the first two periods were cancelled due to a School Violence activity with the third graders. So I only taught two classes the entire day, but was at my desk lesson planning continuously during the remaining six periods.

Thursday 4/3
Our first teacher's English Club meeting of the year was this afternoon. I was happy with it, and wrote about that hour on my Thankful Thursday post.

Friday 4/4
It was a long day, just like Monday (six classes). Some teachers played volleyball from 2:30-4:00, but that's when I was teaching my two after school classes, so I didn't get to watch. Watched two movies tonight, exhausted from the work week.
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