Friday, April 18, 2014

The week in review: 4/14 /14- 4/18/14

Monday 4/14
I really love teaching with my MTW co-teacher. Today on our way to lunch she told me that she, my other co-teacher, and the students don't want me to go back home when my contract is up. That was really nice to hear, because I don't often hear feedback - positive or negative. Second graders were very well behaved today, compared to other days. I'm not sure why. I went to the post office after work, and then sat at the park reading for almost an hour. I got bananas and sesame leaves from the grocery store to make sam.

Tuesday 4/15
Metal door/gates (that I didn't know existed) were down this morning in the halls at school, meaning parts of the school were cut off from one another. Today was Science Day, so my classes were cancelled. Thirty minutes before lunch my co-teacher told me we'd have one sixth grade class at 13:00, could I plan some sort of game? I found two powerpoint review games for the current lesson online. Luckily I was limited to only spend a half an hour preparing the class, because when I was setting up just before 13:00 my co-teacher came in and said the class was now cancelled. I got lots of daycare planning done today with the extra time - it was great.

Wednesday 4/16
Because of Science Day (I think), two of our third grade classes were cancelled, so we only had one. I really love teaching with this co-teacher. I got lots of daycare planning done during the rest of the day. My second grade class at the end of the day was quite small, with many trouble-maker boys. One girl came later. So for next Wednesday I'll try to plan for a small, boy-dominated group.

Thursday 4/17
It was an absolutely beautiful morning. One fourth grade class was switched to fifth period and one was cancelled, so I had two planning periods during the morning during which I made a small dent on planning summer camp. Then we had a fifth period class (when we normally have lunch), followed by a late lunch. English teacher's club in the afternoon, the topic was hobbies. I explained what ultimate frisbee was - they weren't even familiar with what a frisbee was. Went for a run after school.

Friday 4/18
Our fifth graders today were really bummed out, both about the ferry disaster and the fact that their overnight field trip next week is most likely cancelled.  I stayed busy all day with my six classes, and just like that - another week has gone by. I threw frisbee for a little bit with some of my young students at the park by my house after school, which was a first. I was mostly worried for the safety of my disc and the boys (one first grader got hit in the nose, and later across the face), so I didn't stay too long.
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