Friday, April 11, 2014

The Week in Review: 4/7 - 4/11

The week's main events:

What I'll remember about today was the terrible, terrible second/third grade after school class I had today. They were over 10 minutes late, and completely wound up. I could not get anyone to pay attention to me, and we couldn't do the activities I'd planned. Pure chaos for the remaining half hour. I'm dreading Wednesday's class (and Thursday's and Friday's...). Also the head teacher requested a syllabus for my first and second grade after school classes today. It took a while to write the year's second grade syllabus, as there are 64 more classes with those guys...

Planting day at school, so I didn't get in as much planning done as I usually do on Tuesdays. After some random chicken and gatorade near the end of the day next door, a third grade teacher showed me some photos on the computer of when he was in the army ten years ago. Big news of the day is that the boy bought a plane ticket to come visit me in Korea for two weeks at the end of May/beginning of June!

Second period was randomly cancelled because the third grade students had a special event instead. Got principal's signature on my March attendance sheet before lunch - a huge relief, I always dread knocking on his door. That cabinet that was accidentally locked shut (with the toilet paper inside I'd bought) got opened by the repair guy today. The second grade after school daycare teacher asked me to come down to their classroom for class today, and from now on (instead of having class in the English room). I read at the park after school, and got my last heating bill in the mail when I got home.

The fourth graders had some special event during first and second periods, so we had three classes during third, fourth, and fifth periods, meaning a late lunch at 1 p.m. The kids also had to do urine tests today. My co-teacher said they're testing for diabetes I guess. Our fourth grader from Egypt said that he's going home on April 27, and is sad to leave.  He just started school in March, and I guess his dad (professor) will stay here to work but the mother and kids are going back to Egypt. I paid my last heating bill after class and made some delicious 3-ingredient gluten-free chocolate cookies in my toaster oven.

Nothing eventful really happened at school today. I was busy with my six teaching periods. It's the first Friday of the year that I don't have the next week's daycare classes all planned out by the end of the day (due to Tuesday's planting day, I think). Bought some kimbap after school, then sat at the park to read and munch on it. Saw many students and lots of little ones playing. Made more banana chocolate cookies and watched Even Stevens online tonight.
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  1. Even Stevens! Ah, nostalgia. Beans!

    1. Yeah, so much nostalgia! The show aired in 1999. Haven't gotten to a Beans episode yet, but should soon!