Friday, May 2, 2014

The week in review: 4/28/14 - 5/2/14

Monday 4/28
My first grade frisbee buddy was in my first grade after school class on Friday. He was just as excited to see me as I was to see him! I saw him leaving school after class as I was headed back up to my office. He seemed to be asking where I was going, so I motioned for him to follow me. I showed him where my office was, and gave him a piece of candy and a sticker - hehe. It was a rainy day, evening, and night - so I was in for the night once I got home. Signed up for a weekend trip with Adventure Korea this coming Saturday - Monday.

Tuesday 4/29
Sixth graders practiced saying birthday dates and putting themselves in calendar order, as their current unit is "When is your birthday?".  My sixth grade baseball friend asked me to play biseokchigi again after lunch today. I'm surprised yet pleased that he's still asking me to play with him and his friends! I had the afternoon to plan but didn't feel so productive. Made a soup in the evening while listening to Clash of Kings.

Wednesday 4/30
My co-teacher mentioned that the third graders needed to learn four songs for some concert in June or July, could I send some ideas to her later of simple songs. We started learning family members in my after school class. I couldn't get anyone's attention until I played the superhero family finger videos -- thanks for that idea, Abby! They wouldn't put their hands up and move each finger like in the videos, but at least their attention was captivated by the visuals.

Thursday 5/1
Today is Labor Dan in Korea, the one day that I have off in my GEPIK contract, where all the other teachers and students went to school. It was going to be our school's Sports Day, but that was cancelled because of the ferry disaster (It'll be rescheduled in the fall semester when I'm gone. Most of the country has cancelled any festivals / fun activities for the time being to be respectful of the mourning). I made some calls home during the first half of the day, did lots of reading (finished The Girl You Left Behind), cleaned up a bit around the apartment, and watched some episodes of Orphan Black in the evening. I then decided to stay over in Seoul on Friday night to make the 7:00 Saturday morning pick-up for my weekend trip, rather than leaving home at 5:30 on Saturday to make the 7:30 pick-up spot as I'd originally planned. So I had a little packing to do before bed.

Friday 5/2
I made myself get up a half-hour earlier than normal so it wouldn't be such a shock when I get up early tomorrow. I finished packing in the morning and left on time for school, bringing my stuff with me. It didn't feel like Friday since I wasn't here yesterday. I got all my signatures (four) today for April's time sheet, which is a relief. I dread doing this every month, but the VP gave me a chocolate treat when I got her signature today. Getting the principal's signature was as scary as it always is (I knock on his door, wait a second, and then slowly open it, hoping I'm not interrupting anything - for if he says anything at all I can't hear it and wouldn't know what he'd said anyway!). He only talks to me in Korean, and I don't speak Korean, so that also adds to my fear. Today he tried asking me about the weekend, I think. I tried telling him where I was going, and then he kept saying something at me and I gave him the blankest look, then tried repeating what he'd said. He said it again louder and slower, but with a hint of impatience in his tone. So I decided to erase the feeling of failure/inadequacy he'd given me, and replace it with relief and joy that I got the signatures all in one afternoon (sometimes it drags out over a few days if the VP/P are on business trips or gone).

May 5 is Children's Day and May 6 is Buddha's Birthday, which is why we have off next Monday and Tuesday. The trip I'm going on is through the company Adventure Korea. I'll be gone Saturday through Monday in the Gangwon province, which is to the east of Gyeonggi-do.

Provinces of Korea
Image Source

We'll be doing some hiking in the recommended Seoraksan Mountain, and I've signed up to zip line on Sunday. Three friends are also going on the trip, so I'm really excited to spend some time hanging out! I'll be heading into Seoul straight from school and spending the night in a hostel close to our 7:00 pick-up spot.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'll be back on Tuesday with my April Resolutions Checkpoint!
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