Friday, May 9, 2014

Zip-lining at Gyeongpodae Beach with Adventure Korea

This past Saturday to Monday I was on an Adventure Korea trip to Seoraksan National Park. On Saturday we drove from Seoul to Seoraksan and went on a gorgeous hike during the late afternoon.

On Sunday we had the option of either waking up early and going on an 11-hour hike, or zip-lining and spending the afternoon at the beach. I opted for the zip-lining/beach, even though the long hike was shortened to seven hours and I'm sure it was physically rewarding and visually appealing.

But I've never zip-lined before, so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.  


The starting point was at the top of these stairs:

Somehow Abby and I ended up last in line, so here's where we stood for about an hour while the rest of the zip-liners went across one at a time. The wait didn't feel that long though - time flies when you're in good company!

When we were up, we stepped into these harnesses - I'd never before had so many carabiners attached to me at once!

It was a short and smooth ride over the water, the perfect first zip-line - nothing extreme. It's not super fast, so the ride across was quite enjoyable.

Abby went first (above), and Anne captured my landing (below).

Photo credit: Anne

Gyeongpodae Beach

Then the bus took us to Gyeongpodae Beach where the three of us got lunch right away (Maggie was on the hike). It was deeelicious!

And then we had a few hours to relax on the beach! 


It wasn't necessarily sun bathing weather - all beach goers that day were fully clothed, many in long sleeves (except for four men we saw in speedos). We dipped our feet in (I ended up dipping my whole bottom half in while retrieving some kids' plastic sand shovel) and the water was absolutely freezing.


I've put my feet into cold ocean water before, but nothing this cold. In that moment, I could only think of the Sewol ferry passengers that were fully submersed in water this cold (or perhaps colder).

The thought passed as I was brought back to the present moment. The afternoon was wonderful; I was grateful to be on the coast and in the presence of friends.


That evening the bus drove us back to the motel and we got dinner with Maggie right away. Then it was off to the noraebang!


Nor-ay what? A noraebang is a "Singing room", a place where you pay to sing karaoke with your friends in a private room. They're all over Korea - my town has multiple, to give you an idea. And I hadn't been to one prior to this trip.

It was so much fun! You get to choose all the songs you want, and there's no waiting like at karaoke in bars! You get to sing every song and no one else has to listen to it. You guys, there were even tambourines in the room!

We had a blast.  The two hours we spent singing karaoke in our private room only cost ~$5/person.  I think it's a brilliantly fun concept, and I've actually been considering if going by myself here in town is an option or not...
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