Life List

These are random things I'd like to do at some point in my life.  I left off lots of the traveling I'd like to do, because that list would never end.

Reach an advanced level of French (In progress... at an intermediate level currently)

Work as a waitress

Work as a barista

Go geocaching

Learn how to drive stick

Do a ropes course

Host a couch surfer

Make homemade hummus

Successfully complete a MOOC within a reasonable amount of time

Learn/practice yoga regularly (In progress... July/August 2017)

Get a Masters

Learn programming


Become more comfortable swimming (In progress)

Learn how to make a good curry

Be able to play "Something to talk about" on guitar

Be in a flash mob

Learn how to ride a unicycle

See the Redwood forests

Be involved in the making of a documentary

Go to all 50 states

Learn how to throw a hammer (in ultimate)

Visit a hot spring

Hot air balloon

Finish scrapbooking high school

Scrapbook all four years of college

Host an exchange student

Take a life coach course

Take a nutrition/whole foods plant-based diet course

X Be a volunteer camp counselor at Camp Quest (July 2017)

X Ride a Segway (8/6/16)

X Live in France for over half a year (5/15/16;  9/30/16 will mark 14 months total)

X Take a painting class (2/13/16)

X Go horse riding (11/14/15)

X Take a lindy hop class (9/15/15)

X Walk the Camino de Santiago (10/7/14)

Live by myself for a year (9/1/14)

Learn about retirement funds, invest! (5/20/14)

Pay off my student loans in 2015 (12/18/13)

Sail with Hannah K. (7/21/13)

Attend a Post Secret event (3/20/13)

See Regina Spektor live (7/9/12)

• • •