Here's what I'm up to now:

After my week in Bologna at the end of February, I spent two weeks working on a small farm in Dozza. I was unplugged and working satisfying days outside, exhausted for bed at 10 or 10:30, and up with the sun at 7.

Mid-March I said goodbye to the wonderful HelpX family which hosted me, and hours later I arrived in Venezia. I made several sketches during my stay, befriended my hostel owner and her big fluffy dog, and got reconnected to the internet on my final day.

A few days ago I gave some testimony for Candace Rose Rardon (which is now live on her site—scroll down) as a member of the Moment Catchers community, and she pulled some advice from my "joy of being an adult beginner" post to share in her tips for getting started as a sketch artist post! It's been so fun to connect with the Moment Catchers community, and to see how sketching has been shaping my travels these past two months.

The Creative Rebel Academy began last week, so I'm playing catch up on lessons as I get reconnected with the online world. Besides that, today is Day 56 on my 100 days of writing in my journal. I'll actually need to get a new journal soon, perhaps I'll look for one here in Munich.

Which, yes, last night I arrived on a train from Venezia to Munich, Germany. I'm staying at my friend Max's place with his roommates—but he's working in Frankfurt all week. It's great to be in this beautiful apartment. I just did my first load of laundry in an actual washer after two months on the road. Yay!

I'll probably be heading to Montpellier next, but no travel plans have been made. I do have a return flight bought for April 21, though—Madrid to Chicago (via two fun new transfer points).

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