Here's what I'm up to now:

Five days ago I was offered a position to serve on AmeriCorps in Arizona. I accepted, and on August 31 I fly to Flagstaff, AZ for three months of volunteering on ACE Arizona's Conservation Corps. We'll be working on conservation projects in the southwest region, out camping on-site for 8-9 days at a time.

I'm trying to eat or give away the rest of my garden's goods before I leave. She's still abound with kale, cucumbers, carrots, beets, squash, and tomatoes.

I've acquired most of the hiking/camping gear I'll need for this next adventure—with much good luck. When I met a woman on Craigslist to check out her Lowe Alpine backpack, she insisted on gifting it to me and wouldn't accept a penny. I got leather boots for 70% off at the Gander Mountain store closing. Yesterday I drove to Mount Horeb to look for women's work pants at Duluth Trading Company. The only work pant didn't come in my size, so I left empty handed and feeling a little defeated. (Earlier I'd already looked for them at Farm and Fleet, Cabela's, and Menards). My aunt suggested Goodwill/Savers, so I stop by the closest St. Vinnies and happen to find Duluth Trading Company thick work pants in my size, just a little short on length. Success! Next I stop by Goodwill and find: two more pairs of Duluth Trading Company pants, this time the right length and size. !!!

Earlier this month I worked on finishing a quilt with my grandma, which was made by my other grandma. I bought a used sheet for the back and her neighbor helped us pin it with the batting so I could tie the quilt. My grandma hand-sewed the edges, and now it's finished!

This page was last updated August 27, 2017, and was inspired by Derek Sivers.
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