Here's what I'm up to now:

It's my final day in Madrid, where I've been for just over a week, not doing too much (as tends to happen here). I came here from Montpellier, where I spent a very relaxing 12 days or so moment catchingsoaking up sun, eating French favorites, watching France's "Super Nanny" and "The Voice," walking Damien's grandpa's dog, and generally hanging out.

Last week in Madrid I saw and submitted a proposal for Trains on Main, my home town's third annual public art project. It was accepted, so I'll be spending the month of May decorating a metal train that will be on display for three months, then auctioned off! I've never done anything like this before, so I'm really excited for the challenge, learning, and playing to come.

I also have a ton of books on hold, waiting for me to pick up from my local library (not to mention Kim Dinan's "The Yellow Envelope" in my room), so I plan to kick my reading into high gear as well. I'll turn 28 on April 24, and am looking forward to dinner plans that night with a group of friends.

I'll be interviewed for a podcast early May (hello, leap!), and also have hired an online friend & role model for a "Get Shit Rolling" brainstorming session—which I'm really excited for. Lots to look forward to as I start developing routines for these next three months living with my parents again.

This page was last updated April 20, 2017, and was inspired by Derek Sivers.
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