Here's what I'm up to now:

On June 1 I turned in my finished train for the “Trains on Main” public art project here in Waunakee. You can see the finished train here and read about the creation process—start to finish—here.

I’ve been taking my grandpa grocery shopping weekly, and last week we also went to a casino because he likes to go (that was my first time). It’ll likely be my only time in a casino—I don’t think they should be legal—but it was nice to get him out. I only got carded twice during our short visit!

At the end of May I asked Twitter friends for poetry recommendations, as I wanted to give poetry another chance, post-school. I have a nice list to start from now! I just finished a collection by Sylvia Plath (“Ariel”) yet didn’t warm up to them, but am currently enjoying Mary Oliver’s “Dog Songs,” poems about her four-legged loves.

Garden updates: I thinned out my carrots and beets earlier this week—which was way overdue, and did some beet transplants in the process. Not all of the beets have perked up yet, though we did have some heavy rain this week. I learned what flowering is when some of my lettuce flowered the other week. But I still have other lettuce and lots of kale that’s growing great, so I ate my first salad from the garden this week!

The biggest change in my routine this month is that I’ve started a daily “writing sit” practice, where I must sit for 30 minutes in my desk each day—phone in airplane mode and wifi off (I’ve been typing in TextEdit). My journal and pen are out on the desk in case I don’t feel like typing, and I can write in there instead. I can even just sit in the chair and wait for time to pass (though haven’t had a day like that yet), but the point of this month-long experiment is to get in the habit of daily writing. That’s the only way I’ll create more worthy stuff—you’ve gotta give yourself space and time to get out all the shit first! Anyway, the first week went really well, seven days in a row and I brought a piece to life because of it. Then I missed a Friday - Sunday weekend, but am on a four-day streak now.

I’ve been biking/walking anywhere I need to go in town, and have gotten out to a number of local parks. I’m happy with my outside time! I’m reading lots, picking up the guitar again, painting in an art journal, making watercolor postcards, sending regular snail mail, doing some explorative art classes on Skillshare during my free two-month trial (Get two free months of Premium here if you want to give it a try, too!)

Oh, and lastly, I’ve been selling things on Craigslist for my parents/brother. To date I’ve sold a futon, four chairs, my old cello, my brother’s drum set, and one of my mom’s scrapbooking tools. Still listed are a 15” viola and 3/4-size violin.

This page was last updated June 15, 2017, and was inspired by Derek Sivers.
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